Uncancelled - Big Concrete Day in Arch 2

Lots of disruption in arch 2 (arch 1 should be business as usual) - any volunteer help would be very appreciated, we’ll need to drag lots of stuff out of the snug to make way for the new spray booth

If you want to learn how to pour concrete or just feel smug when the new metal shop / ceramics area opens, now’s a good opportunity!

Plan is: Saturday morning, drag loads of stuff out of the snug / back of arch 2, pour concrete for the spray booth, a new step that’s needed, concrete plinth for machines AND minor repairs / levelling elsewhere

Wood shop will likely have lots of stuff temporarily dumped in it (with permission from 2 wood techs), but there may be some usable space in there if someone wants to use it


Just to clarify, we’re talking about Saturday 12th?

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Yeah, just under a week away

Do we need to commit to volunteering in advance or is it ok to just turn up on the day? Not 100% sure yet if I can make it but would like to!

No problem at all - however long you want to pop in for is very appreciated :slight_smile:

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This unfortunately is no longer happening - with workers that are now coming in on Thursday there’s no feasible way for me to do the prep work needed or to calculate quantities for this to go ahead

Slight update on this, providing I can find some time to put the rebar in and build shuttering I’m thinking next weekend should be doable


Another slight update on this - I’d overestimated what “removing the asbestos” would entail, looks like everything has pretty much been left in place, so I’ve booked in the Selco order for saturday and will most likely be doing rebar on saturday and concrete sunday afternoon.

For this weekend we’re just doing the concrete plinth, then as things move into their permanent homes and we gain a bit of wiggle room we can start tackling other areas.

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What kind of help is required, if any?

With the latest plans, do you have a sense of how useable the woodshop will be this weekend? @Sean

Some help with mixing and pouring would be good - just general shovelling really, no experience needed :smile:

Woodshop should be fine tbh, it was only the previous plan that involved dragging everything out of the snug to do the spraybooth


There’s a mixer being delivered saturday morning and collected monday afternoon by the way, so if we have any miscellaneous concreting jobs to do then now’s the time

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I can help for a few hours tomorrow morning. Also maybe some time on Sunday, depending on other commitments

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Hey all. I’m happy to chip in on this. Sunday’s better for me but can put half a shift (or so) in tomorrow afternoon too if needs be…

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Im happy to help out tomorrow as well. I can pop down in the morning and see if I can help out at all.

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Happy to help this weekend, what time will you be there @Sean?

I understood main work would be on Sunday, so I’ll be that day from 11 am.

I can help Saturday morning, if that is still going on, what time are you thinking of starting the process?

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Probably both days really, I’ll be there about 9 on Saturday maybe earlier depending on when the tool hire people text me

First thing is to get the rebar in, shouldn’t take too long but we will need to bend + cut it and wait a little while for the bonding agent to cure

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