UltraSonic friction reduction surface

(emile_swain) #1


I’m looking to make one of these and learn a little bit about electronics at the same time.

I’m having trouble with a fairly basic part in which they require around 100vpp signwave across a series of piezo sensors attached to the glass between 20-40mhz.

The trouble i’m having is understanding how to create the 100vpp, from a battery source. I have a signal generator, i have some opAmps i can wire up, but i’m not entirely sure how to join it all up.

I’m lacking an inductor as well which means i’ve not been able to experiment in creating the 100vpp. I’m also not entirely sure if i need to create a negative rail, or a 0-100vpp across the opAmp to put across the piezo sensors.

Anyone made something like this before? Also, i’m having trouble finding a source of soda lime glass 1-2mm think, about the size of a 7" tablet

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did you spot the eagle files?
seems you can get yourself a pcb made and populate accordingly without needing to stress over generating the 1.21gigawatts yourself.

(emile_swain) #3

Yep i saw those. I was hoping to make up the different parts step by step myself as a part of my learning curve :-p