Tufting issues

@Cecilia @Phili

I’m trying to use the gun but I’m clearly doing something wrong?

Hi Dorine,

It’s difficult to tell from just the picture. It could be that the yarn you’re using isn’t thick enough. You could try to use a couple of strands at the same time to see if that resolves the issue. Otherwise, the tension on the fabric may not be high enough. You want the fabric to me strung almost like a drum.

Let me know if this helps! If not, I’ll be in this week, and am happy to try and help you trouble shoot :slight_smile:

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Help would be amazing! Let me know when you in and ill come over :slight_smile:

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Hi Dorine! I’m planning to be in the space tomorrow from 19:00ish onwards. I’ll be in the textile corner, but I won’t be using the tufting gun. If you’re around, I can try to help you troubleshoot :slight_smile:

Fab thanks that be great. The project is actually for my daughter’s Textile GCSE outcomes so Ill bring her along too.