Trying to make a 3d printer do its thing!

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Hi everyone!

I will be getting a 3d printer to the studio tomorrow hoping for some advice and a bit of help. I bought it from a charity and it is in really good shape, but when you turn it on it seems to have a problem that i figured is related with the thermocouple. However, I dont know what model would suit it, how to fix it or even if that really is the problem. The flashforge creator 3d printer (wood case and single extrusion)

Is one of these:

See you tomorrow!


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Hi David, are you bring it to the electronic night?

Hi Andrea! Would that be ok?

Yes! of course, see you tomorrow!

The most common problem is that its not firmly mounted or has become unplugged. If you have a multimeter, you can check the whole setup.

The thicker wire is the cartidge heater and the smaller is the thermocouple.

Thank you Andrea an Kyle.

I have located it and I do have a multimeter but to be honest I wouldn’t know where to begin

I will bring it with me tomorrow and see what happens. I turned it on again today and it seems to work otherwise. I think it is missing the holder for the roll of plastic and the pipe that guides it into the heating head. I am hoping someone can help me sourcing the bits!

See you tomorrow