Trying to find out about parking and the accessibility camping area

(Gordon Endersby) #1

Im trying to find a way of either camping near my vehicle or next to it due to my ME/CFS and not wanting to do repeated lugging of camping stuff from and to my landy.
It will be painful and could be enough to cause me to crash and miss part of the weekend.
My ME/CFS has got worse since I saw you all last. 3 years ago? Its going be hard enough work setting up camp without repeated trips lugging kit. Yes, I have a camping/festival trolley.

Swapped a couple of emails with the accessibility team but its slow going.
Theres an accessibility area listed on the map but nothing on the website or wiki about who its for or how you get to use it. Im now explaining my illness, what a hidden illness is and why I should be allowed dispensation to camp near to where im parking and how little things like that can make all the difference to your independence.
Wish I could have got tickets earlier so there was more time to sort this sort of thing out.
Or that I could just say Ive got ME/CFS and they could offer to help without me having to plead my case.

Yes, I know you lot would help me out but all i need is to camp near my vehicle. Simple enough.
Been doing it for years all over the country without fear of death and destruction.

Nuff to say. The extra bits and pieces ill bring for the village, ill need help getting them from the vehicle and lugging them from where ever im parked as they do not allow vehicles on site on Friday. I do have a trolley.

(Tom Lynch) #2

I am asking discreetly on IRC.

(marksteward) #3

Hi, one of the organisers who’s also on this forum and saw your emails go past. You’ll absolutely be welcome in the accessible camping area, and we’ll also have volunteers on hand with transporting your gear. Let the volunteers at the entrance tent know what you need, and bear in mind that if you arrive at a busy time it may take a while for someone to become available. There may be space next to the SLMS village, but if not, we will be able to escort vehicles on site to the accessible camping area.

(Gordon Endersby) #4

Thanks Mark.

So its just a matter of asking on the day?

I thought it would be something that needs booking ahead of time.
Theres nothing about it on the web page, wiki or faq.
Very confusing. Pity they couldnt have just said that when i enquired first time round.

(Gordon Endersby) #5

Thanks Tom.

(marksteward) #6

We’re still trying to work up all our messaging for accessibility - there’s a lot of things to consider, and attendees are generally the people who know best about it. If you know you need it, we’ll do our best to provide during the event.

We do encourage people to get in touch early so we can discuss any requirements that might require preparation, and so we can ensure we’ve set things like the size of the accessible camping field appropriately. But there’s flexibility in these things.

(Gordon Endersby) #7

Would have preferred more time.
But only just got a ticket this morning. Didnt stand a chance in the earlier releases.
So I’m sorting out my camping and other stuff at the last minute and trying not to knacker myself before the event.

Thanks for the reassurance.


(Tom Lynch) #8

The EMF orga seem very keen on ensuring the event is as accessible as possible, so I am sure they’ll do what every is reasonable to facilitate you.

p.s. Worth noting they do have golf carts that drive around site, maybe when you arrive you hunt down me and or one of the site staff and we can help you get your stuff across site and setup, and you can take it easy so you can focus on enjoying the event?

(Gordon Endersby) #9

Thanks Tom,

Looks like I just need to ask to be put in the accessible camping area.
The accessible car park is right next to it. So shouldnt be too bad.
Unless they have somewhere on the day I can camp next to the vehicle.
All a bit fretful as im sorting it out last minute.


(Tom Lynch) #10

It’ll be totally fine, theres 10+ members coming and we can help out, just give me a shout any time.

(Gordon Endersby) #11

Just had another email from the accessibility team.

They apologised for their last email as it was a bit cursory.
I can get there on Friday morning and they will let me park next to my tent on any of the fields.
They will escort me to the camp site and offer help if I need it.
So Ill ask if I can camp out of the way in the quiet field and Ill be able to get some quiet rest whenever i need it.

Big relief, it will make things so much easier for me without having to bother people for help.

Thanks to you both for the help.