Trotec Laser Error Code S3-1139

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I have been having problems pushing a design to the laser cutter, resulting in error “S3-1139”, “Error while processing job data. Job aborted”:

I have managed to reproduce the problem with a minimal SVG, which is attached as broken.svg. Any attempt to push this as a design to engrave results in this error, regardless of how the engrave material settings are configured.

I’ve googled the code and drawn a blank. Any suggestions on how to move forward?

@lasertechs - Is this the sort of thing we can raise the Trotec support?

I’m heading into the space now (etc. 45min)

S3-1139 is the serial number for our machine, and not an error code.

It looks like Ruby doesn’t like your design. Go back to the Prepare screen and try creating the Job again.

What software do you use to create your svgs?

I sometimes get this error with svgs I create using software that trotec doesn’t seem to like. My hack solution is to open the undesirable file in illustrator on that machine then resaving it. It always seems to sort it out - cleans it up somehow.

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Designs made in Affinity Designer, Inkscape or Illustrator will work - any software that produces SVG/Vector files should work fine. If you’re having issues, it might be a setting in your software.

Trotec have said they’re happy to receive files which cause ruby issues so they can fix them.

This happens a lot still and it’s not always clear why even on Illustrator so best to just send them the bad files.

Hi All - Thanks for the input. Having spent a good 10-15 minutes pulling my hair out over the seemingly unknown error code it was amusing to find out it was the serial number of the machine!

I have had a couple of hours to play around and get to the bottom of my problem. To cut a long and arduous story short… the laser was not happy [1] with the placement of the design. By default Ruby had placed it in the top-right hand corner on the “Prepare” screen. Pushing that to the laser failed. If I simply moved the design away from the very edge it was happy to execute the job.

So if others come across this post in the future with the “Error while processing job data. Job aborted” message, make sure you try moving the design away from the very edge of the workspace.