Trolley handle

(Frank Scott) #1

@Dermot, @peter_hellyer, Modified handle for trolley and bungees in 'space ready for pickup.

(Pete Hellyer) #2

Frank, Es and I were wondering if you wanted a lift, we could come and pick you up somewhere on Friday?

(Frank Scott) #3

@peter_hellyer Thanks for the offer!

My train gets me to Ledbury at 15:00. If you reckon on getting there earlier I all for it.

Where would be a good a good place to pick me up!. Remember my Crumble Card ™ gives me free transport within London?

(Pete Hellyer) #4

Would you be able to get to Gatwick for half 11? We’re picking out camper van up from near there

(Frank Scott) #5

Not really, 2 train changes and it’s outside the crumble zone and I already have my train ticket.

Looking on google maps for routes to Ledbury, they suggest three ,with them all starting by going north to hit the M25 and then west to the M4 or the M40. They suggest journey times of about 3 hours.

So without any delays and diversions it looks like you only get there about half an hour before my train arrives at Ledbury.

Thanks again for the offer, see you at Eastnor at about 3:00