Tormek T8 Whetstone Grinder

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This is a Whetstone grinder used for sharpening tools, particularly those associated with the wood lathe.

Some approved wood shop users may use the Tormek to grind primary bevels on chisels and plane blades. The description for how to do this can be found in this post.

The Tormek has 3 wheels: a stone grinder, a honing wheel, and a leather strop wheel. The stone grinder and honing wheel can both be used with Tormek jigs, to ensure repeatable grind angles and shapes. The honing wheel and strop can be used with Tormek honing compound.

We have a wide selection of Tormek jigs. Currently these are stored in the box underneath the Tormek.

Condition Notes

Purchased new in December 2023. Currently using a Tomek SB-250 Silicon Blackstone.

Induction and Training

Requires induction to use.

Typically the induction for this tool is included as part of the L1 Woodlathe induction. The induction will cover how to use the tool safely and some basic usage.

Usage is described in the manuals accompanying the tool, and the Tormek YouTube channel.

If the stone comes out of true, it can be re-trued, but truing the stone can only be performed by a tech.


@woodlathetechs, @woodtechs

Risk Assessment

RA incoming.

(Note: The following is effectively the contents of the induction process, if it exists)

Usage guide

Before Use

  • Use an accompanying manual to determine how you will sharpen your tool. For woodturning tools, this is Sharpening Woodturning Tools the Tormek Way.
  • Ensure the Tormek is positioned correctly. The stone may turn away from or towards you. In most cases, it is better for the stone to rotate away from you.
  • Adjust the support to match the desired angle of the grind. In some cases, you will use a tool for this. However, in most cases use a permanent marker to ensure the angle of the blade is not changed. This will ultimately save you time - the Tormek is not a fast grinder.

During Use

  • Ensure that the water bath is always sufficiently full. If it becomes too empty, the stone will dry out and may damage itself or the tool.
  • Always grind in a way that evenly uses the whole stone. If grinding is uneven, then the stone will become untrue. We can true the stone, but this wastes valuable stone.

After Use

  • Remove, empty and clean the water bath.


  • Truing the stone must only be performed by approved users. If you feel the stone needs truing, please message @woodlathetechs.


eg. instruction manuals, tutorial videos etc.

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