Tools for a project

(Stefano Romano) #1

hello there!!
first of all I apologise for my disappearing!
after I briefly visited the space during the spring clean the spark reignited!
I’m back with an actual project…
I was wondering what did actually survived after the clean up.
is there still a soldering and de-soldering station? (I know, it’s a stupid question, I’m sure they are still there).
also do we have any small gauge wire that i can use? (I need to solder just a few jumpers… 50 cm or so in total)
I’m making a bespoke sound system!
I’m out of the loop so please forgive me if I tag the wrong people!

(electrotech) #2

Yeah there’s still soldering facilities etc you’ll be fine.

(Martin John Finch) #3

Tell us more!

(Stefano Romano) #4

well i need a sound system with the following features:
digital radio
usb audio port
sd card audio port (maybe)
aux input (3.5mm jack)
built in in a wooden wall

so my idea is to use an old small tablet to connect to the internet and use the digital radio app, one amplifier module, one bluethoot + usb module
and a bunch of cables, wires and switches!!

(electrotech) #5

Take photos etc. Would be something useful for the website. :smiley:

(Stefano Romano) #6

i will if it does not end up all in smoke!

(Martin John Finch) #7

minus the wooden wall of course :wink:

(Stefano Romano) #8

that looks awesome but…
at the moment my shopping cart is 32£
that thing is 329£

(Stefano Romano) #9

I’m going to use this

(Martin John Finch) #10

True that.

(Martin John Finch) #11

That looks pretty good; the price is certainly right. 20W/channel - nothing wrong with that. And easy to fit into the wall. Nice.

(Stefano Romano) #12

that im not sure… i still have to get my head around it.

and also how to embed the tablet in the wall

(electrotech) #13

There are third party car mounting for tablets. Which is kinda cool. Maybe you could make something with the space vacuum former. Etc.

(Stefano Romano) #14

space WHAAAAT???

(electrotech) #15

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #16

Hi :grinning: if you need to know how to use the vac former me or Howard would only be too happy to give you a demonstration, Brian

(Stefano Romano) #17

That’s very kind! Thank you! I’ll see if I need to use it!

(David Cushing) #18

Oh - I’d love to be in on that session too! :slight_smile: