Tool handles

Thought I’d post a mini project I’ve been working on: some new tool handles. Two gouges (one Sorby, one Thos Ibbotsen) and one firmer chisel (Brades Co). I have one more Douglass Manfg. Co. gouge to do but it’s a socket so will require a bit more finesse.

Still debating how to finish these: the hornbeam yellows a bit when treated with BLO and wax, and I love how pale they are at the moment.


They are beautiful, how did you achieve that profile shape?

I’ve been testing various finishes after the holy grail of the one that protects but doesn’t darken, yellow etc the wood …best I’ve found is lemon oil. Gives a Matt to mild satin look. Happens to food safe too.

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I’ll have to try the lemon oil!

Bandsaw jig with a good amount of sanding and fiddling, with the section for the ferrules turned on a lathe. I’ll label the jig and leave it in the space.


Lemon oil sounds good, what make did you get? We might want to order a big jar for the woodworkshop?

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Not sure what jig @CriticalTolerance used but here’s a great video on how to build one yourself:


Lovely job @CriticalTolerance they look great.

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Shamelessly ripped off Paskmakes I’m afraid - although I knocked mine up quickly and it could do with some improvement, so I may make another closely modelling his.

Seconded - I’d be up for chipping in.

It says its useful for platters (assume used for food) but doesnt specifically safe food grade safe- but I retract its food grade safe claim - I’ll leave users to decide to use it for that purpose if they wish.

This will be safer, also minimal change to grain hue

Osmo also do a food grade oil

@CriticalTolerance @petra I can leave a vial of the lemon oil if you’d like to test it.

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I would really like to test it if you’re happy to leave a sample.