Tomorrow night, 26 of May 2021 it's electronics night OFFLINE!

Hey folks!
I had to wait up to the last moment to check the weather but we are rolling another offline event tomorrow, let me know who’s in!

starts at 19.00

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I’m In!

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Would it be cool to rock up with some practical things i can get help on?
I’ve just started doing some beginner arduino stuff:
I’ve got one of those mini-gearbox DC motors (6V) with an encoder, I’m hoping I can use an arduino to detect when the motor stalls or jams based on the encoder data. Just wondering in general about how to work with the encoder circuitry

it’s this exact one (without any useful specs)

comparble specs are here :

Also are there any arduinos in the honesty box going atm? - i won’t have one to bring later