Time Out listing - South London Makers Festival | Station Hall | Things to do in London

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Short and sweet piece in Time Out

They focused on "“Soap making, ‘crowd knitting’ and 3D printing”

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crowd pleasers, nice!

QQ: do we still have tickets? can advertise to a couple thousand of my fellow employees :slight_smile:

Yes tickets still available!

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Tickets are more to give us an idea on how many people will be coming, the hard limit is how many people at the same time we can have in the room, I did post it in the company intranet (I’m old), I don’t see any problem with it.

I’ve sent to all the parents of my Brownies unit - all local (well, East Dulwich) so hoping we get a few families in from that.

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Oh, ok.

It’s going to be a long day then.

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