Tiltable Eurorack case

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(Mike Kelly) #1

I designed this in Fusion 360 and cut it at the space yesterday.

It’s for Eurorack synth modules. The ‘stand’ part can be removed, as I like having the option to just have a rectangular box. But it’s nice to be able to tilt it different amounts.

(Rich Maynard) #2

Nice. I haven’t tried exporting from Fusion 360 to a laser cutter yet. Is it fairly straightforward?

(Mike Kelly) #3

Yes, you can export faces as DXFs direct from the browser tree. There is also a useful plugin for exporting DXFs with automatic adjustment for kerf. I’ve been getting good results with ply using a kerf setting of 0.25mm. That’s essential to make joints fit closely together.
I open the DXFs in Inkscape and print to the cutter from there.

(electrotech) #4

very cool indeed. i 3d modelled one which i was going to print in pla or whatever some while ago but i can clearly see yours would be superior. nice job.

(Mike Kelly) #5

Thanks! You are welcome to have a copy of the files if that’s useful. I will probably put them up on GitHub when I get a chance.
There is a series of cases on Thingiverse with various different sizes. Though I think they may be for 7mm material. Mine is for 6mm, and is 84HP 3U, but would be quite easy to adapt for other sizes.

(electrotech) #6

thanks a lot for the info and yeah why not, I fancy grabbing your files when you get a chance to github them.

(Andrea Campanella) #7

that’s remarkable , well done!

(Mike Kelly) #8

:slight_smile: I just uploaded the files to GitHub.

(mark broughton) #9

yes deciding on a case can be problematic so did you fit the modules verticly
i;d like to hear more about the sinth the spacing is not so standard on some modules i managed to fit some from a mixer into a radiospares one

(Mike Kelly) #10

Hi Mark, this rack is specifically for Eurorack modules, so as long as they follow these guidelines they’ll fit OK. Of course their combined width might not be an exact fit for the case.