(tig) welding help / contact needed

I did ask about this in the past but then the project was downgraded to back-burner :frowning:

Now, having more time, I’m getting my parts cut out of 2mm stainless steel by fractory.com Unfortunately they don’t provide welding service.
Any chance anyone has TIG in the garage / … ? I need just few tabs to be attached. Maybe you know someone who can do this for me?

I did ask few fabricators from google search but either they “no” straight away or quoted me prohibitively.

@AussieFred, @Calum_Nicoll - I remember your names were mentioned on the subject of induction. Any chance you can point me at the right people?

I’d be happy to help you out for a bit of token compensation, but it really depends on how pretty you like your welds and how accurate it has to be, I’m distinctly still practicing :joy:

I also work with a guy who’s great at welding and doesn’t have much work because of the virus, he might be happy to do it for a reasonable rate as well.

Awesome. Thank you very much.
Let me get in touch with you as soon as I get the parts from the Fractory.

You can try contacting the people at Blackhorse workshop (blackhorse road tube stop Vic line) where I first trained in TIG, they will have many makers who regularly use TIG knocking around.

Thanks for the tip. I do appreciate it.