Thursdayyyyyyy electronics tonight! The 28th of November, two thousand and nineteen!11one

it’s that time again

Rock out with your oscilloscope out!


Short version of story:
burning bacon + fire alarm = broken fire alarm
Think Dustin Hoffman in Rainman

Expert guidance from a really handsome / funny / patient guy called @electronoob

When: next week?

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I have a couple of mains powered fire alarms that I’ve not used as I was lazy and never bothered to actually wire them up… I don’t have time now to dig them out but I’m pretty sure I can bring one next Thursday for you.

I’m gonna come in tonight but leaving right now.

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Also you can bring it tonight if you feel like it.

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I’m staying in tonight to watch the election special :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

I think it should be easy to wire back together as I strategically pulled out the battery wires.

Maybe some other minor damage.

I can’t be arsed to wire a mains one either!:tiger:

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