Thursday Electronics, Programming and Hacking night

(Paul Court) #1

Who’s about for a session tonight?

I’ve got a couple of projects on the go but unfortunately my LoRa bits haven’t arrived from China yet so that one is on hold.

Courty and the @electrotechs

(Daniel Sikar) #2

I might drop by to do some more work on my arduino electronic load.

(Paul Court) #3

You want me to bring my analog electronic load ?


(Daniel Sikar) #4

I haven’t really got a use for it, yet! Just assembling as all parts and PCB came for free… :slight_smile:

(Andrea Campanella) #5

I’m working on my campervan at the moment and it have to be ready by august , I don’t think I will be at the space soon

(electrotech) #6

im heading spaceward now and looking forward to making some oscillations. oh yeah :smiley:

(Paul Court) #7

I loved my old camper… need to see pics for sure :smile:


(Andrea Campanella) #8

Some random pictures shot in the last weeks , it came retrofitted but I’m trying to fix some stuff , like , they forgot to connect the rear A/C panel , in trying to swap the radio because is Japanese and still like that…plus I drained the battery 3 or 4 times

(Paul Court) #9

Looks nice !

I expect full power management and reporting via bluetooth and a global tracking system as the next mods…


(Andrea Campanella) #10

Yup , ODBII is the way.