Thursday Electronics Night 26th Apr 18

(Paul Court) #1

Who’s about tonight for some Electronics, programming and general tinkering ?

If I get a chance, going to bring all the parts for my Mki ghostly rover (remote ctrl kids scooter)


(Gilbert Townshend) #2

I’ll try and be there, I’d like to learn as a complete neophyte how to finally use some of those multi coloured led strips that have been in a box for months…

(Daniel Sikar) #3

@courty would you be able to show me the ropes on reflow oven and solder paste pump?

(Paul Court) #4

I’m sure I could give you a run through !

i’ll be there ~8pm


(Daniel Sikar) #5

Thanks mate! I will be running late but hopefully not too late!

(Andy Sanderson) #6

Hope to be there 9ish to fix/hack my new to me 80’s boom box! See ya then!