Thursday 7 of November: Electronics Night!

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Remember , Rember the 7th of November, Eletronics night!

Join us in the SLMS lounge for a popping (caps) evening! see you there after 19.30!

Popping Caps:

Reminds me of when I was 16 years old in college studying electronics where I connected a capacitor the wrong way and it shot across the room. I nearly took someone’s eye out, such a narrow miss, I’m glad there were no injuries or hard feelings.

I had a teacher builing a caps cannon.

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Finally you admit it! I could have lost an eye!!!

All I had to do was find a bunch of makers, set up a Makerspace…and wait…the trap was set…

BTW I accept that as an apology…no hard feelings mate

phew! for a minute there i thought i was going to be dragged through some legal hot water

thats cool lol