Thursday , 27th of February 2020, It's Electronics night!

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Join us afret 19.00 to talk about electronics and technology, need help? Want to learn? It’s the right place!

@electrotechs, we will be discussing about the Arduino Day 2020 as well!

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Sounds good. I’ll be there, with LEDs on!


I presume this is on again tonight?
I will be there, I don’t have any projects with me to work on tonight but I’m hoping someone can give me some help with a PCB I’m designing.
See you after 7:30.

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It is on! @emuboy will likely make a post soon :slight_smile: I’m sure you will find some help :smiley:

I was coming in incognito but now the cat out of the bag :smiley:

What’s the cats name and can I pet it