Thursday 20/02/2020 it's Electronics night!

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Join me and the @electrotechs for the most glamourous event at the makerspace!

we meet at 19:30!

our you can be there at 20:20 if you fancy.


What do you do at these electronic nights?

We help people with their projects, we talk about technology , electronics, programming, we showcase our projects and everything in between, people from every level of knowledge and interest are welcome :slight_smile:


bump : It’s tonight!

I will be there at 19:30 or so with what I hope will not be totally stupid questions about things. Might end up being more mechanical than electrical given it’s me and that seems to mean cameras…

I’ll be there after 7:45pm, probably.

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There are no stupid questions!

See you there!


Greetings! My name is Azad, and I have just completed the survey, and hopefully on my way to becoming a member of one of the coolest spaces in south london!!

Yippee!! I really enjoy hobby electronics, and am currently working on an LED light project, and also dream of building a pair of ADAM1000M’s in the style of Yamaha’s NS1000M’s.

Hopefully, see you at the electronics tonight!


Welcome Azad!
speakers sounds like fun :smiley: