Thursday 18 of Nov 2021, electronics night, Andy edition

Last one… big power strip is back… switch was fried:

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Final score:

Makers: 6
Power tools: 1

Glue sticks used: 33
Glue sticks used to fix anything: 0
(My kids… I ordered more!)

That Titan belt sander has a bad gearbox and is heading to the recycler for it’s sins… it was the only thing we didn’t fix and probably the least worth the effort anyways!

Thanks everyone who came!!


Darn, we forgot the cable drums! :joy: that for another day! Well done guys!


What was the problem with this in the end? (3doodler)

We tried to take this apart the other night to repair it, but I couldnt seem to budge the screws - I guess I hadn’t had my weetabix or something.

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Excellent and productive evening…a spontaneous Restart Party!

If anyone is interested in fixing stuff with members of the public (a slightly different process as you often walk them through much of the fix) then consider signing up as a fixer with the Restart Project (I’m involved with regular events in Tooting, and we could consider these at SLMS, but we’d need to make a regular commitment)

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@electrotechs? Isn’t this a standard use of bench PSUs? Is there an extra protection or procedure that can be added to prevent this back current?

We had to find just the right size screwdriver- not too pointy, then they came out easy. Dismantled it and unblocked it, then had to also re-solder a wire to the feed motor…

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it’s possible that someone powered a big coil or a motor directly, this PSUs are ok but not perfect.

I think we just got unlucky…



Thanks for the write up @asander1! I wasn’t quick enough on the draw !