Thursday 10th of September 2020: ELECTRONICS NIGHT!

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Summer has ended as the first wave of COVID ! Time for some post apocalyptic electronic night! Join me at 19.30 on discord!


I will be there!

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be there or be equal quantities of width and height

edit - just totally realised how i messed up this stupid joke lol

from The Personal History of David Copperfield, Micawber says:

“I will, uh, make sure that we are quadrilaterally concluded.
In short, square.”


Quick update guys, apparently my grandmother is ill and nobody but me is around at the moment so I’m going off to see her this afternoon. Will still try to pop in but not sure how much time I’ll have to talk.

Also the discord link appears to be invalid?

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This is tonight folks!

Always a fun evening to work on projects from home and chat, share ideas etc

It’s likely we can’t have an in person electronics night for some time (although a single member could book the Clean Room and work from there???)…we do have three outdoor workbenches now with space for 6 people at once…so if anyone was brave enough to run al fresco electronics sessions that could also work?


I hope I can join in as well tonight.

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as mentioned above by inerdier the discord link is expired/invalid

I’m working on it.

working link :