This Thursday it's electronic night at the space!

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This week the electronic nights will be offline, in the outer space, I was wondering if there is still any interest in the online event or shall we move them offline?

Outside! I think a lot of us are Zoomed out after the regular workday!

Thanks for organising!

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all right, I pulled the plug to the online event, from now one will be only offline @electrotechs!

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Another successful electronics night! Got the auxiliary input for my boombox working! Will post more details, but thanks to thise that helped!


Niiice :slight_smile: Now you just need some absurd noise to play through it

Thanks everyone for a warm welcome today, and good to see the skatepark coming on so nicely.

What are we looking at in the second picture here, by the way?

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Thanks everybody for coming yestarday, had a great time as always :slight_smile:

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