Thermal imaging camera

(Twm Davies) #1

Hello! On the off chance. I wonder if anyone has a thermal imaging camera?
I want to look at the heat profile of the house and highlight voids in the insulation but even hiring such a device seems a bit expensive.

thank you

(electrotech) #2

I have one that connects to an iPhone through the lightening connector.

(Twm Davies) #3

Oh! What model is it. Do you think it would give a decent view of a wall?
Is there any chance I could hire it at some point?

(electrotech) #4

you can certainly borrow it for a few days. i hope you have an iphone, i don’t have one that works.

i dont know when im likely to be around to drop it off.

i live in morden so if you wanted to pick it up from there that would be considerably more convenient for me.

(Twm Davies) #5

Great. I think it will work with my iPhone se.
Can pop to Morden this pm or weekend if you are around . Will dm

(electrotech) #6

im putting it on charge now.

(Alexander Baxevanis) #8

Did you guys ever get this to work? Does it need a specific model of an iPhone or does it work with anything that’s got a lightning connector? I’d be curious to give it a go if possible, to trace some insulation issues in my flat.