The ideal electronic bench

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(David Santoro) #1

I’ve started to catalogue what’s around the electronics workbench. There is a lot of stuff and trying to sort out what’s useful and what not is going to be hard.

Instead of trying to tidy the existing one I’ve decided to “design” the ideal Electronics workbench starting with the list of tools necessary and where we want to store them.

I’ll also make sure there are photos everywhere to show how it’s supposed to look like when not used, a donation box (where members can dump spare stuff they don’t need), a I don’t know where it goes box (to avoid mess to accumulate on and around the workbench. Label on each tool and corresponding label in the appropriate storage.

The first step in designing the ideal workbench is to write down the list of equipment we need. Obviously we already have most of this stuff, but we can decide how many of each tool we need.

@electrotechs could please contribute to the list of tools and ideal storage for it? An example of list is the following:
Another example:

Tool Model Description Location
Oscilloscope Hantek XXXX It’s a digital oscilloscope Above work bench label Oscilloscope 1
Soldering tool Weller XXX High quality soldering tool Draw Number 1

(Andrea Campanella) #2

This thread it’s @emuboy approved.

(Andrea Campanella) #3

Hey, I will be at the space tonight, would you like to talk about this ?

(David Santoro) #4

Unfortunately I’m not around this week, definitely next Thursday though if you are around