The Brit school in Croydon is hosting an IDD (interactive digital design) show lead by year 10 to 6th form

Do you have a creative child that could benefit from attending an amazing creative school in south London, Croydon area? The Brit school is an amazing neuro diverse and free school with a liberal arts program, covering music, art, technology and theatre/dance/acting. IDD is their digital art strand and they are hosting an exhibition for their students aged 14-19. Sabrina as a year 11 is exhibiting her latest interactive Vtubing character that mimics a persons facial expression.

Come join us at the show and bring your young person with you. Portfolio building starts 1-2 years prior to applying at year 10 (aged 14) or 6th form (aged 16)

As an example here is Sabrina’s year 10 application portfolio we submitted: