Textiles Social and Drop-in- non-members welcome, 17 January

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Open night for the Textiles room - 17 January. Come along to find out more about the equipment we have.

  • Never used a sewing machine? Find out how!
  • What’s an overlocker? Have sewing fun with extra cutting-y-ness!
  • Embroidery you say? We have a machine for that!

Already know how to sew? - Come along for sewing related chat, telly and perhaps a biscuit or 5! Come show off your latest project or talk through your future plans.

Open to everyone including non-members. I’ll give demos and practical sessions as a drop-in through the evening so first come, first serve!


Just bopping this to top - textiles night tomorrow!

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I’ve got something I’m trying to embroider using the machine, and I could definitely do with some help troubleshooting why it’s not working properly. I’ll bring it along tonight

These days I think you are more experienced on the machine than me - but I’ll give it go!
Looking forward to catching up with everyone tonight! :smiley:

Btw. Should textiles night be an opportunity to swap fabrics? I’ve got loads of stuff I suspect I’ll never use.

I’m doing to be at Textile - but if you want to have a huddle over the Embroidery machine at some point - shout :slight_smile:

Absolutely yes please

Managed to get embroidery working, but having seen the badge you made, I have some work to do.

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@Martyn_Thomas - the only machine I lleft out last night was the wimsew overlocker. A bit seems to have fallen off it but I’m damned it I know what it is! Also, I cannot rethread the thing for the life of me so I haven’t been able to check if it is working - sorry.

Embroidery machine - all fine. Was slight bend in the thread guider but Sam fixed it.

Janome overlocker - rethreaded and running fine.

Janome sewing machine - all good although dogs are still sticking if you put in the down position, easy to lift them up again when you take the plate off. Perhaps something to add to any videos we make.

No problem - I’ll take the Wimsew with me on Firday for an MOT