Textile night - Make a drawstring bag on the overlocker

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Tuesday 4th July 18:30 - 21:100 - Textile night!

Come and see what an overlocker sewing machine can do - and go home with a drawstring bag you have made yourself.

Using an overlocker is a great addition to your sewing skills - and it is really fun to use. People can be a little put off by them because they seem so different to a “normal” sewing machine so come along and find out what it can do for you.

This event is open to everyone - non-members included - but please use the wiki function to add your name below and let me know you are coming so I can make sure I have enough materials and so we don’t get overcrowded.
(For those who have never used the wiki function - you will see pencil icon on the post which will allow you to edit it - when in edit mode add your name (or preferably your discourse username) to the list below. Then save it)


  1. @Sean
  2. @Becky
  3. @james-c
  4. @Karin
  5. @Gilbert
  6. @CriticalTolerance
  7. @AesaAegis
  8. @futureshape
  9. @AdamWeir

Thanks for organising this Tracy! Are there any materials we need to bring?

Hi @Sean. No, all materials will be provided. See you next week.

Thanks Tracy! I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Damn it - me and @tw1sted1981 are busy that night. Fingers crossed it’s so popular a night you do it all again another time!

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Hi :wave: is there still space to sign up to this or am I too late? I am happy to just watch and learn if that’s not creepy :sweat_smile:

Thank you,

Hi everyone - There was only 10 spaces available for this event tomorrow - that’s why the post only originally had the 10 spaces and numbers. I’m afraid there’s just not the space for more. It’s been popular though so I will run another duplicate event in a couple of weeks.
@futureshape - sorry but I am going to have to bump you to the next night unless somebody else drops out.

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Oops - no worries, I’m coming into the space anyway to do a 3D print, if there’s no space for me I don’t need to take part, but if there’s a drop out I can jump in and fill in the space.


Perfect - there’s usually someone who can’t make it on the night. Thanks for understanding.

@futureshape I’ve had to drop out, turns out my son is inconsiderately having a birthday on that day, so I will be celebrating that. I’ve moved you up the list.


I am sorry I cannot make it tonight unfortunately :(.

No problem Chris. Keep an eye out as I will do another session if you still want to take part.

@Anyone - there is a place now free if anyone would like to join.

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Hi Tracy, I’d love to come! I’ve added myself to the list, hope this is okay :slight_smile:

I am sorry I won’t be able it make it tonight, work wants me to be on-call.

Of course - see you later.

Oh no - was looking forward to seeing you! See you soon

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Thanks for this, Tracy! It was a lot of fun :slight_smile: