Synth modules

Hi all,

I popped into the space over the weekend with a few of my hacky, prototype synth module circuits and was happy with the interest and advice from passers by! I’ve not had much of a chance to come to the space since I joined so it was a great first experience of building.

So far I’ve made a few oscillators of various types and made played with making low-fi samplers out of an ISD 1820 voice recorder chip:

After playing with the ISD 1820 a little more, I found that it also supports pitch bending, so I’m following up with a second module.

I’m happily playing and bumbling along with limited electronics experience.

I’ll post updates here. See you in the space!


This is looking good Karl, do you have any videos of it in action or audio recordings? I’m looking into making synth modules myself.

I’ve not got anything of this one running yet but here’s the next version on the breadboard (the sound clip is just from the podcast I happened to be listening to at the time but it gets the point across): Sampler video

Oooh nice, are you making them Eurorack sized or your own bespoke size? Do you have any tips on where to start with making a modular synth?

I’m building in eurorack format (got some metal panels cut to size by a supplier and didn’t trust myself to make a power supply so got a pre-made one).

I’ve not got much experience myself but I’ve enjoyed making some of the projects from Look Mum No Computer. I like his mad, playful style and how he encourages experimenting and playing with circuits.

Nice, yeah I was looking at making a drum sampler from one of his videos, I might go back and watch some of his videos as I haven’t seen them in a while.

Oh yeah, I have the Wav Trigger board that I’m going to use as a sampler. Although I might also play set it up to use midi so it can be played more musically.

That sounds cool, I have a couple of projects in mind that I want to use a Raspberry Pi with Pure Data as it’s perfect for handling midi messages. I’m looking into how to make CV inputs on a Pi possibly using an Arduino so I can pass data to Pure Data that way. I’ve done this kind of thing with din midi before but would like to make it more easily interface with a modular system using CV.

I will be following both your projects with great interest!

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I’m stacking a few simple amp circuits

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