Surplus Synthesizer PCBs on offer

(Doug Hammond) #1


I’m ready to get my synth PCBs manufactured, and I will have a surplus as minimum order quantity is 5 and I only need one set (maybe two in case I screw up the assembly :wink: ).

Is anyone here interested in a set of PCBs of the following circuits:

  • 2x Yusynth VCO
  • 2x Yusynth “Minimoog” VCF
  • 2x Yusynth VC LFO #2
  • 2x Yusynth ADSR
  • 4x Yusynth VCA, DC version

These come on 2 boards measuring 200mm x 150mm each.

If you’d like a set you please let me know, and I’ll also privately provide the BOM and some other design details. Unfortunately I cannot publish the complete designs of the synth (especially the EDA files) since they are based on Yves’ (Yusynth) design and there is not a clear license for doing so other than “non commercial use only”.

The price of a set would be “buy me a beer sometime” :slight_smile:

I also have some (actually, about 20) compatible PSUs available for these; they are switch mode +12/-12/+5. I’ll update here later with exact make/model.

I’ll be ordering these probably some time in the coming week or two.


(Mike Kelly) #2

Hi Doug,
If be interested if they’re eurorack compatible. Happy to chip in towards your costs.
I’ll be doing an order of some module boards in future so I will probably make the extras available with those too.

(Doug Hammond) #3

Hi @mikekelly - the boards are eurorack voltage compatible (+/- 12V) but not in size/form. Reason being that my synth build project is not truly modular (the modules will not be removable/replaceable).

Also in line with the circuit designer’s wishes, I have to make this a non-commercial exchange, so perhaps a board swap in future would be the way to do it? :slight_smile:


(Mike Kelly) #4

OK, got you. I’m up for board swaps but as these are too big for Eurorack I should let someone else jump in and get your spares this time.
It’d be good to see how your system turns out, give me a shout if you need any help with the build.

(Peter Cardwell-Gardner) #5

Hi @doug!

This is something I would be interested in! I don’t really know what I’m doing with hardware synths, but I’ve programmed a few in software before, and have messed around with electronics a bit - analog synths is something I’ve been looking to get into for a while now :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in one of those psus as well. Happy to reimburse for those.


(Doug Hammond) #6


That’s cool. This project of mine started some years ago for the same reason… looking at pictures of cool looking old fashioned synths and thinking that I would like to have one :slight_smile:

The PSUs are “Advanced Power NA055P300”; 55W; +5V @ 3.5A, +12V @ 3A, -12V @ 1A. I can’t find anything about them on the internet, seems like a small time UK company made these some time ago and there’s little trace left of them.

I suggest you first read here: as he does have some basic explanations of each circuit.

I’ll post back here when I’ve got the PCB order in. I have a few small tweaks still to make to the design though to ensure it all matches up with the required panel wiring.


(Doug Hammond) #7


The boards are ordered! :smile:

Once I have them I will bring the surplus and a couple of PSU to a Thursday evening at SLMS, I’ll let you all know when that will be.


(Doug Hammond) #8

Look what arrived :grin:

(Doug Hammond) #9


I haven’t forgotten about this - I’ve just been busy assembling the thing! I will come by the space in the next few weeks and deliver on my promise of bringing stuff to share. I might also even have a working synth to show at that point :slight_smile:


(Doug Hammond) #10

I’ll be popping into the space this evening with PCBs and PSUs … finally :slight_smile:

(Duck) #11

looks incredible!