Supplier for Broom making?

Hi, I’m planning to make some whisk brooms (see pic of idea below).

I’m wondering if any of you know of suppliers of sorghum broom corn or tampico fibre?
Or if you can think of some materials that might be easier to source in the UK.



PS. I think tampico is more for brushes than brooms but I think I could make it work with an altered design.

Hi :smiley: very fine hazel branches and willow have also been used for the purpose of broom making

Generally, Brooms, like basket weaving and other such articles are made from whatever is available. Think persons of years gone by who didn’t / couldn’t leave their village!
For instance, I recently had a conversation with a basket maker who was using Old Mans Beard for weaving…
I have a birch tree on the side of the A21 not far from where i live… Perfect for brooms!