Summer shirts

I wanted a couple more summer shirts, so I’ve bought a pattern and had a go. First one in cheapo black cotton so if I make mistakes I’m not too upset.


That looks really good!!



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Just wanted to say how much I appreciated the over-specced rope with intricate knotwork used to present your shirt project.

Seriously, though… the shirt looks great.

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I’ve made a few more shirts over the last six months (I really like the pattern, and it’s been fun playing with different textiles). Two of these are cheap linen and one in printed cotton. I ended up tweaking the pattern to give myself more length in the body.

Since I’ve spent all winter making summer shirts, I guess it’s time to find a long sleeved pattern and start making winter ones?


Look amazing! Did you make them at home or from the maker space??

I got myself a sewing machine but I haven’t started and don’t even know where to start - for example, what kind of sewing threads should I get??

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Cheers! I made these at home but I cut a couple of them out at the space, and the space’s machines would be just as capable.

I was taught to use a machine when I was a kid but I’ve only recently tried making clothes. Merchant and Mills are a good source for patterns and their instructions are pretty clear (this is the All State shirt - don’t know if anyone else has reccomendations for good starter patterns). I also reccomend the myog subreddit for making small bags and things which is another good way to get started!

As for thread, I always buy guteman thread because my mum told me to once and now that’s just what I get :sweat_smile:

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That’s brilliant, thanks a lot for sharing your tips! I will have a look and hopefully start using the machine soon!

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