Suggestion - Small Heddle Loom

Either something like this:

easily stored, from £125 for 24cm to £140 for 40cm wide, people can use it to weave a scarf in a few hours

or something like this

even more easily stored, £215 for 30cm to £295 for 70cm wide, also can be used to weave a scarf, 70cm would be about half a blanket (winter is coming, yarn is cheaper than gas?), very portable

Mid point of Rigid Heddle loom is available: (in stock) £177 - 80cm, I think the 120cm might be a bit tricky to store but could be possible - £337.

I think smaller looms would be better for storage reasons, but it is possible to make more sizes of fabric easier on a bigger loom.

If someone wished to DIY a loom for the space, that’s also an option? I could give it a go, or try and design something after taking the laser induction. It’s a pretty standard design.

I’m not sure how things like this would be bought for the space, but I saw pledge drive as an option? If others are interested in weaving I’d love to do one of those or the like? Otherwise I might be able to buy one of the smaller ones myself when I’m next paid and just have it on a sort of permanent loan in the space?

There should be a small loom that @jontybottomley made 4 years ago! Might be too small maybe for a wide scarf.


Do you know where it is? Is it in the general textiles area?

If it’s still there, it’d be in the textiles big table or Hiden in drawers. If not there, Jonty must’ve taken it back.

That looks like something our wood workshop could easily reverse engineer…

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It’s super easy, I could also buy the full instructions on how to make one for £10 and just leave that somewhere if someone wanted to do it

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Yeah I looked around, it’s gone

I’m considering just buying a loom and leaving it in the space (I don’t have room for it at home anyway) because while I am interested in making one, I want to have some fabric sooner rather than later.

I have spoken to Jonty and he is happy to bring the loom he made to the space. I think some of the small accessories are missing and they would have to be remade but that shouldn’t be too difficult.

But if you would like to buy one I am sure that would be great as well.

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Is there a photo of the loom? I may still buy this one if it suits my needs better

I think it’s a good size to store in the space and not overly expensive.

Jontys is smaller

How much smaller?

I think it’s around 30cm wide all in all.

I’ll bring the other heddle loom, if i want it to be wider I can then also try cutting it up and doing something.

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