Stripping and restaining a bass guitar body

I’ve just bought a bashed up old bass and probably want to restore it rather than leave it in it’s current state…

Unfortunately have not had the woodshop inductions, and I guess the easiest way to start stripping might be with an orbital sander…

Does anyone have experience/tips for doing this?

Is Orbital sander the way to go? Paint stripper? Heat gun?

this is what it looks like currently!

I believe we don’t have an orbital sander. We have other types of sanders, worse case scenario we could do it manually on the curvy bits.

When do you plan to visit?

Yes, I think the curvy bits might end up being a hand sanding job for sure.

I probably won’t be able to come in until after 4th August tbh as am a bit busy until then, was more asking whether this is the best way to get the job done than trying to arrange assistance with a sander… although perhaps asking for help is what I should have been thinking…
I imagine paint stripper and hand sanding might take a LONG time.

We do have an orbital sander but you might want to scrape first?

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thanks, I wasn’t sure whether that would be necessary.

That’s not bashed up - it’s relic’d! People pay the Custom Shop good money for “Roadworn” instruments…

It’s hard to tell from the photo what sort of paint / stain job has been done on it.
The last time I did similar it was a super thick plastic like coating rather than traditional paint / stain. I was chipping it off with a hammer and chisel, then got bored and made a new body as the timber on the original was terrible…

This looks better but photos can be deceiving…
Strip everything off it, chip off what comes easily, then I’d get a belt sander on the front and rear for speed, then work your way up the grits with the Makita sander.
For the sides set up a drum on the drill press and walk it round, should be able to get most of it, then finish up by hand.


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thanks, that’s really useful!

Finished this by the way, and sounding as good as it can with my five thumbed playing!

Hey. Nice to see. Looks great in the pictures! I’m liking the black bridge on natural wood.

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