Storage Request

Description of storage request

Storage extension on

2 x brake disks

2 x 2m steel poles - bound together with copper

Storage Location


Start Date

8 February 2020

End Date (be pessimistic)
30 June 2020

Hi Rebecca,

This is a very long storage request.

Storage is intended for live projects that are being actively worked on, and should generally be short term

Which one? Do you mean the sculpture?

Not sure. But the one above is nearly 5 months of storage

Hi there,

Oh yes, it’s the sculpture you saw a few weeks ago. It’s quite tall ( the steel poles) so it’s difficult to keep transporting it as I work on the base / supports ( the structure is unsteady atm) , and I would have to unwrap the binding copper wire every time ( that means straightening about 3m of copper wire by hand each time) but of course if you wish I’ll amend it.

Kind regards


If the project needs that much time then it should be okay

Hi there

Thank you so much, that’s really helpful

Kind regards