Storage request: Bike parts redux

(Martin John Finch) #1

Description of storage request (include dimensions)
A plastic box of bike parts

Storage Location (be precise)
On top shelf in snug, above tools shelf

Start Date (be in the future if possible!)

HAH, now the funny part:
End Date (be pessimistic)
Friday 9/2/18 (assuming new crankset is delivered by then)

I was being pessimistic, but this pile of junk is still there, I’m afraid. Some of you may have witnessed (or participated in, thanks all including @joeatkin2 who finally did it) my pathetic attempts to remove said crankset. I finally did, but now await delivery of a bottom bracket removal tool via eBay.

So, revised end date: April 1… 2026.

Bike maintenance class, anyone?