Storage request - 7 oak boards and 1 walnut

(Jack Derrick) #1

Item - 7 oak Boards & 1 walnut board. All labeled @Jackd

Location - inside the entrance door by the sowing station

Removal deadline - tomorrow morning 20/3/18 before 10am

(Jack Derrick) #2

(Rich Maynard) #3

Where did they come from? Interested in any source of good timber!

(Jack Derrick) #4

@rosszeibari is your man! He organised and collected a van load.

(Sarah Jones) #5

I probably picked out more than I need if you’re in the market for some white oak or walnut.

(Barnaby Coote) #6

That huge walnut board was £17???
Absolute bargain.
How did you guys split it up ? I won’t be back until weekend after next. Quite keen on getting enough walnut and oak for a couple of projects

Big thanks to @rosszeibari !

(Rich Maynard) #7

Ooh, that’s a kind offer. I do need some oak, but will have to measure up and work it out exactly. I can do that tonight…

What thickness are the boards?

(Afshin Dehkordi) #8

I’ll be in the space later this morning, I can send you pic of your pile…there’s 2in oak and plenty of walnut. All the walnut is 1in.

(Barnaby Coote) #9

Amazing, thanks!
I’ll try to organise a planing day when I’m back

(Sarah Jones) #10

They’re 1.5in and I’ve got 4, around 5in wide. @peter_allen might be having some of them so I’ll let you know if there are any spare.

(Afshin Dehkordi) #11

Hi it’s the near stack, walnut on top, oak underneath

(Barnaby Coote) #12

Wow amazing!!! :heart_eyes:

Thanks Afshin!