Storage adjustable rail

(Calum Nicoll) #1

Description of storage request (include dimensions)
Steel and some ply for construction of storage rail. Maybe 20 litres of steel volume and a sheet or two of ply.

Storage Location (be precise)
Metal stock in corner of metal shop, pieces of wood either in snug or against wall

Start Date (be in the future if possible!)
10th March 2018

End Date (be pessimistic)
11th April 2018

Note - most of this will be stored most of the time at home/elsewhere - however putting in a request for the whole month so can leave pieces I’m working on in the space overnight etc.

(RobertL) #2

This stuff is strong and cheap for shelving, building structures, boxes, etc.

(EdwardBilson) #3

The stack against the wall is, I think, shortly to be eliminated and is not particularly ideal.
I’m hopefully going to be around on Saturday - if you’re going to be bringing the ply down I’d be happy to help you rip it into your various pieces to make snugging it more practical?

(Calum Nicoll) #4

Hopefully will get it ripped before bringing it in - should have mentioned the sheets will be in pieces - and definitely won’t be in by saturday - but thanks for the offer!

(Calum Nicoll) #5

That stuff looks cool! What’s it called? Won’t work for this project but can think of lots of uses.

(Tom Newsom) #6

Unistrut. Used to hang pipes/ducts in buildings

(RobertL) #7

Used for all sorts. There’s attachments including super heavy duty brackets.

Tlc has the thin version for just over £10 for 3m

Harris Bailey is a bit cheaper. The thick version is about £10

(joeatkin2) #8

We have boxes and boxes of the fittings for it zebeds and washers ,

I have built loads of stuff around the space with it

(Calum Nicoll) #9