Sticky back foam request

Barely counts as a project, but I have a digital notepad that has lost its rubber feet.

I have grand plans to make a book folio style case for it, but in the meantime I just need something to give it a bit of grip on the surface.

I think something simple like a A4 2mm sticky-back foam sheet will be enough to stick to the back for now before I upgrade at a later date… But I am concerned about whether it’d just start peeling at the edges immediately :thinking:

Before I pull the trigger on Amazon, does anyone know if the space has something similar that I can donate some cash for? (And if not, would the space be interested in the remainder of the pack - I have to buy a pack of 10 or something…)

I’ve plenty of the kind of feet you stick on the bottom of things, some silicone tiny ones for coasters etc, and bigger ones for cabinet feet.
Not sure when I’ll be able to run them over, probably sometime this or next week.
I’ll see if I can dig them out…!
They’re normally only a quid or two a pack tho!

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Thanks! I guess I’m trying to steer away from those because I know they’ll just fall off next time I slip it in my bag - I’m hopeful that a sheet affixed to the whole back will stay on a little better…