Stepper Motor Control with Arduino

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I am building a mechanical installation that is driven by NEMA 17 stepper motor and DM542 driver.
I could just about work out how to connect these + a controller bypassing the need for Arduino.
However, the motor is heating up, it’s sometimes making very a strange sound and the movement is not always smooth.

I am pleased it’s doing something though, as I’ve NEVER done this kind of stuff before.

I would love to bribe someone who knows this stuff with a canopy from next door and have a five-minute chat

Make sure your are using the right amount of steps/degree in the configuration of your controller and that you have your coils connected correctly

I’ve used the Adafruit Motor shield with good success in the past. It was quite easy to set up. Why do you want to avoid Arduino?

Which controller are you using? It looks… dodgy

Appreciate your replies @palmada & @emuboy!

Yes, I had a feeling my step settings could be wrong. I was trying random settings, but none led a satisfactory result. I’ll do some digging into how to set these correctly.

I’ve been avoiding Arduino simply because I don’t really know how to use it (especially the coding part). My thinking was to go for something simple, hence this controller. I stumbled on it in this video
this is the device

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the electronics club to resume this Thursday. Hopefully there I could get some guidance / ideas for how to set this up properly, maybe with Arduino after all.

Again, thanks for taking your time to reply!

For sure I can help explain how to use the Arduino, might bring along one to show to the next night. It’s easier than you might expect.

The device looks straightforward. I don’t know much about either of those devices, but here is a thought: the driver has a little jumper switch to turn on PWM control. What is that set to? And what does the driver expect?

Hi Pedro,
Would be great to meet and chat at the next session!
I have Arduino which I used for another project, so I can bring that along. It’s mainly the programming part that scares me, I guess. I really want to see this project through, so this time I’ve got the right motivation to dive into it properly.

So the driver does not have the PWM settings, only the Current and the Pulse. However, the controller does have the PWM.

Somehow I’ve managed to get it all working today. And it’s turning slowly and smoothly. Very pleased!
However, the motor is as hot as a boiling kettle. Do you know if that’s normal, or am I damaging it?


Sorry, I somehow missed this! If it’s hot then something is very wrong… I dont’t know that controller specifically though