Steel storage

Now that the woodtechs are busy project managing their wood storage crisis (right?)
we prob need to decide the same for messy steel?? we already have a fair bit of steel spread around wood, messy, clean and snug.

is it fair to say we need some scrap stored in space? if so, how to store.
for lengths something like this?

something for sheet metal as well?
which role does this come under?

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Looks practical.

Like the van thread (and all the threads :laughing:) Ild say let’s define if we need it first.

As in, do we want to store this stuff in the space?

If we do, how much?

When we know how much, we can find /make something for it.

we are storing stuff in space at the moment, quiet a bit…interim solution needed as well

O the irony. …

Now I feel slightly smug .

which role does this fall under?

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I can make a similar one out of wood in time but for the time being they are in the small blue barral

lets find out which role this comes under, and get them to do/project manage a medium term solution. u are already on the to-do list for most big things, including the much more pressing issue of wood storage.

not to talk badly of you beloved blue barrel, but we got a bunch of longer lengths of steel which
will capsize it

It’s what we have got at the moment I will come up with something better or ask someone to make it when I am next asked

It keeps the small stuff together for the time being

think wood Joe, think wood…

On the list

I’m more than happy to dig up the metal ( and use some from the pile with no owner​:grin::innocent:)