Spring Clean 2019 - Makerspace closed for projects from Friday night to Sunday evening - open for sorting/cleaning/eating pizza

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Spring Clean! Spring Clean! We will be closing the space on the weekend of 30-31st March, for a spring clean! Lets try and get the space back to being habitable, and less like a bomb-site!

There will be Beers, Pizzas and Frivolity for everyone that does get involved.

Here’s How it will work:

29th (evening)-30th March: - Sort and Empty Day

ALL projects / materials / machines / junk that does not have a storage request online by that weekend or is not approved by techs in the relevant area, will be moved from its current location to the clean room, with the aim of emptying the snug and cleaning out the workshops of loose materials and abandoned projects.

All members are invited to arrive on that day, to
a) Help organise stuff (@woodtechs, @textilestechs, @3dtechs, @metaltechs, @lasertechs and @silkscreentechs are particually encouraged to come along, and help identify crap from not crap)
b) Remove entirely from the space, your own possessions from the identified pile.

Sign Up Sheet

31st March - Free for all Day

Any remaining materials in the designated space will be a free for all! (n.b. if it looks like there is enough decent gear remaining, we might open the invite out to our friends at OWL)

All members are invited to come and
a) Take anything they fancy the look of from the table-o-stuff on the condition that it leaves the space entirely
b) Help chuck things in the skip.

All remaining stuff, will be thrown in a skip, (or some other form of skip aligned device) starting 7pm. @directors will arrange. We will operate a strict, no ifs, buts, or ‘could you justs’, if you’re bothered enough about your project and / or material. Come and claim it, or arrange for someone else to.

Sign Up Sheet

(this is a wiki, please sign up above)

Space CLOSED for spring clean 30th - 31st March
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Reminder @members

The space will be closed for projects on Saturday and Sunday this week! See above for details!

Sorting commences after work on Friday!

Further reminder to come and pick stuff up on Saturday and Sunday! Fair warning has been given!

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To add to that: skip will be arriving between 8 and 12 on Saturday morning

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I’m here… doing a bit of admin, waiting for the skip to roll up

The scene this morning in the clean room…

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Where’s the doorbell???

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This stuff needs to be removed ASAP

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Just a reminder that potentially useful gear will be put in the skip from 7pm Sunday!

So come and get it

Members at the Space: please try and resist Spring Clean Frenzy and leave things other people might find useful out of the skip for now, as we have promised

If members find useful stuff in the skip they can take it home, but do not bring it back into the Space!

EDIT: was meant to read potentially useful stuff being put in the skip from 7pm, on Sunday… tonight

Will post pictures on other thread of what’s up for grabs

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Another bump: this is the crucial time. We need to get more vigilant rather than relax or we’ll end up swamped again

Storage requests are going to be monitored much more closely from now: so make sure your request is project based, and not just a bunch of materials you don’t want to keep at home, and once a project is started it should be taken to completion at a reasonable rate. There will need to be an incredibly good reason for storage anywhere apart from the very limited designated shelving in the Snug – which is fairly full of ‘last chance, collect it by 14th April’ gear

We’ll get some clearer guidance written up.

Already a pile of junk timber has appeared in the Messy Room…marked ‘future garden bench’…it might be an art piece though?

More to do in most areas to get to ‘clear desk’ mode, in the meantime: if we leave every area better than we find it we’ll be on the right track