Space Sunday

(Tris Oaten) #1

Wotcha gang, I’m heading to the space tomorrow, but don’t have shutter access yet. Anyone planning to be there? I’ll sync up if so. If not: I’ll chance it!

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #2

Hi Tris, should be down there about 9am , Brian D=

(Tris Oaten) #3

That’s Jolly kind of you, Brian. I’m afraid my day has taken me in a different direction than I had planned. Later in the week I’ll be dropping by - is there a global calendar one can check to see the availability of the service, without reporting to posting here? Perhaps something @Dermot would know?

(Tris Oaten) #4

Maybe I could build it!

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #5

Hi Tris, on your discourse page at the top there is a clock insignia click on to it and scroll down to the bottom and it should tell you who has used their key to gain entry, with kindest of regards Brian

(Dermot Jones) #6

Once your first payment has cleared – and you’ve linked your Discourse account to your membership account – you’ll be able to see a clock icon at the top of this page which shows door/shutter activity…an okay way of seeing if the Space is open

A calendar has been mentioned on occasion, but so far we’ve gone with recommending people just post here: it means others can also see that people are interested in going to the Space, and helps build communication

(Tris Oaten) #7

Thanks both, that’s a terrifically clever feature!