Space Maintenance Wiki Template / Brain Fart

(Jonty Bottomley) #1

So… The spring clean was a few months ago - a lot of progress was made, a lot was missed, a lot has redescended into chaos and mess.
The space could do with more of a weekly clean and tlc - this should involve:

  • Maintaining organisation and cleanliness of work areas overseen by techs / regular users of said area.
  • Sweeping all floors, cleaning and occasionally refinishing surfaces, cleaning the windows, arch lining, etc.
  • Checking stock of consumables and making a list for the relevant techs / maintainers.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of machines and tools - some weekly, others once a month / two months… as necessary, including for example the laser extract which is probably worth doing monthly given the amount of use it gets.

Even with a small handful of members a lot of progress could be made in very little time with minimal impact on other space users so those with pressing projects can keep working.

There should be very little emphasis on throwing away and much more on finding better storage solutions which can be maintained with ease. Here especially the spring clean showed a lot of promise yet lots of unsorted but valuable items were skipped rather than organised.

A short list of things of achievable goals could be something like this, following a vague example format of:

Task Title - Task Date- Estimated Labour Time - Subsequent Down Time - Max Number of “Cooks in the Kitchen” - Last Action Date - Next Action Date.
Action Plan

Note that estimated labour time would be for one person - ideally each task would reach Max No. Cooks in the Kitchen such that actual shared labour time would remain minimal.

Refinish Clean Room Table - Tuesday 30th Following Members Meeting- 2 Hours Active - 12 Hours Down Time - 3 persons - Never(?) - Couple of Years…
Action Plan: One half on a quiet evening, another the following session when the first is ready for use.
I can supply an extra sander, I’m sure others could also. One person gives a quick rough clean to get rid of existing gunk and varnish, second jumps in with a higher grit on areas finished by the first, etc. Grab a couple of brushes and some Osmo and get painting. Leave a “Do Not Use, Finish Drying” Sign up with the approximate dry time stated and be on our way. Once dry a quick rub down with some high grit sandpaper and jobs done.

Sweep and Mop Floors - Every Tuesday - 1 Hour - 5 Mins - 7 People (3 Sweeps, 2 Mops, 2 Clearers) - Last Week - Next week
Action Plan: Tuesday Evenings may be ideal for this so fresh for the following days open evening.
3 Week Bin Cycled. Clearers clear an area for sweepers to start, everything off the floor onto higher surfaces, shift couches etc. Sweepers sweep, Moppers mop, put things back where they belong, stray projects into the 3 week bins, lost items returned to their homes. “I don’t know where to put this” box for each room for space items.

Clean Up Yard - 4 Hours - None - 20 People (brooms and shovels dependend) - meh… - Next week.
Action Plan - Sunday when fewer cars, Sweep all debris to the back wall, shovel and bag up everything, arrange for removal of all rubbish in subsequent days.
Perhaps as an extension, build a garden shed for outdoor tools, shovels and brooms, bags, etc. Combination code padlock etc, open to all on the estate.

You get the idea. This is a brief and by no means polished template for a “maintenance wiki” aiming to have several members meetings of the very literal type of members meeting in the space and sorting the place out for everyones benefit, this happens rather frequently already but is somewhat under the radar and sporadic, it’d be good to be doing this more regularly with more people involved.

(Petra) #2


Also the arch lining is super dirty, needs few people to clean. I cleaned a few square meters tonight and definitely more people (6-7) needed for the job.

(Dean Forbes) #3

I would like to share an observation …

When Jonty was away or flying low due to being on a Job the workshop area descended in my view into a pig pen for me this highlighted two things

How much he does
How little responsibility other take


(Johan Lindskog) #4

I would be very willing to help with any of this if I’m not at work. I’d need some notice to devote several hours, but I can definitely do it

(Petra) #5

Awesome. We spoke about this at members meeting and ideally all ould be done before the summer party.
We thouht it should be spread over several days with some sense of chronology. If you’re up for it, would you want to come down some time this week and sand part of the clean room table? I’m happy to come over weekend evenings and crack on.

(Johan Lindskog) #6


Let me check. I may be able to make it Saturday evening. Just got to check I got someone to look after my daughter.


(Johan Lindskog) #7


I can make it down this weekend at all. I have my daughter all day.

Perhaps Monday evening 6 to 8pm would work?


(Johan Lindskog) #8

Hi. Just checking with this again. Any evening this week that suits?

(Petra) #9

Hi Johan, I missed your previous message.
Yeah, how about tommorow?

(Johan Lindskog) #10

Yeah this could work.

I will have to let you know.


(Johan Lindskog) #11

Hey lets do this over the weekend if possible. Im too late back from work.


(Petra) #12

Okay, see ya over the weekend!

(Johan Lindskog) #13

I can both Saturday and Sunday afternoon if that works.

(Dermot Jones) #14

I can come on Sunday afternoon – with the Summer Party the following weekend it would be could to clean the outside area up

Anyone else around?

(Johan Lindskog) #15

Sunday is fine. I’m on nights so I’d need a few hours sleep beforehand. 2pm or so should be ok.

(Petra) #16

I can do evenings from 6pm on Saturday, 5pm on Sunday. There’s plenty to do I reckon as described in the main text. Having the outside and the table done would be I think the main before the party, hoovering the clean room as well.

What’s missing is the floor brush for scrubbing and @Dermot how is the scaffolding looking?

(Dermot Jones) #17

I’m running seriously late. Looks like I’ll be there early evening

(Johan Lindskog) #18

I will be there from early afternoon to work on a project, but ready to start whenever everyone else is.

(Petra) #19

Already in 3 people now, @Clix and @Ejlindskog sanding one of the cleanroom tables outside. Clix brought his sander as well!

(Petra) #20