Space List of Chores

(PaulY) #1

If you’re ever in the space and not sure what to do but want to kill some time. Have a few minutes to kill before you meet your friend or catch a train you can do one of the following.

By doing any of these small task you are helping the functioning of the space.

Remember, Your Space Needs You!

(PaulY) #2

Editable List of Chores:
[Please feel free to update the list below. its a wiki. Click the green pen above and add something]

  • hoover any of the rooms
  • clean the bath room
  • tidy the kitchen
  • wipe down table surfices (products under the sink)
  • clean the fridge
  • empty the bins
  • water the garden
  • water the indoor plants
  • put tools away in the space
  • do a sweep of the space for things to wash up.