South London Maker Festival - Saturday 2nd March 2019 11 till 5pm

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What is it?

A not-for-profit community Maker Festival

You’ll find a room full of hands-on workshops, demos, games and more for young and old!

Features: coding, ring making, soldering, games, audio installations, a Repair Cafe and much more!

South London Makerspace is excited to bring you the very first South London Maker Festival

We’re taking over Station Hall for one day to share all the stuff we love - which is everything to do with making!

Where is it?
Station Hall - above Herne Hill Station, Railton Road, London SE24 0JW

Please note that this venue is up several flights of stairs, with no lift or wheelchair access – although there will be buggy and bike parking at ground level

How much does it cost?

Entrance and most taster sessions are £free, with charges for longer workshops – we’re offering some ‘pay what you can’ places for most of these, so please ask! We will also have donations, if you should feel so inclined

What can I see/do?

We’ll have a bunch of stuff for you…

Show & tells, including:

  • The creatures of Dr Who - featuring a full-size Dalek!
  • 3D printing - what can a home 3d printer do in 2019?
  • Guitar tuner for the blind, and other assistive tech
  • Octapod robot, and small drones demos
  • CyDash: a modular bike computing platform - see it here first!

Short hands-on workshops including…

  • learn to solder - make a blinky LED badge, with an advanced SMD soldering option for the more experienced!

  • DIY solar power demoes/taster session, and off-grid electricity: demystifying renewables

  • Getting started with microcontrollers: using simple code and controller boards to ‘make things do things’ with Arduino and RaspPi Boards

  • Graphic design consultation for small businesses – aimed at local traders. Drop by with your current branding and brainstorm some ideas with a graphic designer

Longer workshops, bookable in advance:

  • Ring making workshop: learn to make your own ring in sterling silver
  • Making a tiny electronic music generator
  • Handwritten fonts for business, blogs and social media - from the physical page to a digital logo

booking details will be posted shortly…

Herne Hill Raspberry Jam - young coders’ workshop with intro to Machine Learning

From 13:00 to 16:30

To celebrate Raspberry Pi’s seventh birthday we’re have a Raspberry Jam!

Curious about computer code, or want to meet other young coders? The afternoon will start with a Machine Learning for kids session, followed by an open Jam. Then come along to our Coders’ Jam! The afternoon will start with a Machine Learning for kids session, followed by an open Jam Suits ages 7 to 15, all abilities - if possible bring a laptop

No prior experience needed

Tickets, and more details on Eventbrite – accompanying adults will need to reserve a festival ticket, via link at the bottom of this page

Electronics Hardware Jam

Got a project you started and is now languishing in a drawer or the back of a cupboard? Then bring it along and join in the Jam, with assistance from our electronics experts!

Repair Cafe and Sewstart party
Bring along your broken electronics or worn/torn clothes and together fix them! You’ll be paired with a fixer, who will mend the item with you, where possible. The result: valuable goods saved from landfill, skills learnt, money saved, a huge sense of achievement!

Maker Bits – bring and buy table

Bring along working components and equipment and trade/sell/buy/chat with other makers

Note: no heavy or mains-voltage equipment, and you will be required to remove any unsold gear

Want to run a workshop/have a stand/join the team, or have any questions?
Then please contact us at directors@southlondonmakerspace

South London Maker Festival tickets are available via Eventbrite

Please note: the event will be filmed and photographed for use on social media. By attending you are agreeing to your image being shared on social media. Please contact us if you do not wish your image to be used

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