South London Maker Festival 14th May 2022

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Tickets here Note: we’re experimenting with timed tickets this year

What is it?

A not-for-profit community Maker Festival

South London Makerspace is excited to bring you the return of South London Maker Festival after a two year absence.

You’ll find a room full of hands-on workshops, demos, games and more for young and old!

We’re taking over Station Hall, above Herne Hill station, for one day to share all the stuff we love - which is everything to do with making!

The festival is all about celebrating making, curiosity and creativity for all ages and levels of experience - we believe the only qualification needed to be a maker is the desire to make things

Expect everything from robots to origami via musical instruments, laser cutting, visual arts and 3d printing…with the odd Dalek thrown in - and talking about throwing: you might get the chance at some pottery. This promises to be a fun day with plenty of opportunities to learn about what you can do in your local community Makerspace

You’ll also be able to buy works directly from local artists and makers

Where is it?
Station Hall - above Herne Hill Station, Railton Road, London SE24 0JW

Please note that this venue is up several flights of stairs, with no lift or wheelchair access

How much does it cost?

Entrance and most taster sessions are £FREE, with some ‘pay what you feel/donation’ workshops

We will also gladly accept donations, if you should feel so inclined

What can I see/do?

We’ll have a bunch of stuff for you, not limited to the following …

Show & tells, including:

  • The creatures of Dr Who - featuring a full-size Dalek!
  • 3D printing - what can a home 3d printer do in 2022?
  • laser cutting
  • 3d printing

Short hands-on workshops and demos including…

  • Flextangles! A family friendly paper craft
  • make a cardboard robot arm
  • Explore chaotic motion with a chaos pendulum
  • intro to origami
  • throwing a pot demo
  • learn to solder - make a blinky LED badge, with an advanced SMD soldering option for the more experienced!

Light emitting making - from daylight to EL Glow Zone

  • EL Glow Zone – paints and wires that glow when electricity is applied
  • Coloured shadows
  • Inverted Panopticon – hard to explain!
  • New Luddism art from Simon the Last
  • Laser Sound Visualiser

Visual art

  • New Luddism art from Simon the Last
  • Lisa Pancucci

No prior experience needed

Electronics Hardware Jam

Got a project you started and is now languishing in a drawer or the back of a cupboard? Then bring it along and join in the Jam, with assistance from our electronics experts!

Repair Cafe and Sewstart party (subject to prior arrangement of fix)
Bring along your broken electronics or worn/torn clothes and together fix them! You’ll be paired with a fixer, who will mend the item with you, where possible. The result: valuable goods saved from landfill, skills learnt, money saved, a huge sense of achievement!


South London Maker Festival website
Want to run a workshop/have a stand/join the team, or have any questions?
Then please contact us at directors@southlondonmakerspace

Please note: the event will be filmed and photographed for use on social media. By attending you are agreeing to your image being shared on social media. Please contact us if you do not wish your image to be used