Sourcing wood for mini CnC?

Hey so I noticed that there does not appear to be a section on the makerspace shop for purchasing wood for the mini CnC. Any recommendations on places to source it?
For my next project with the machine I was thinking of making some kind of Medallion.
proberbly something similar to this.

I know there are some offcuts below it, but I’m curious for future reference or if I’m mistaken about the nature of that wood. Where do you all get your wood from ?

The laser wood is stocked in the space because special materials need to be used with the laser. For example the glues used in normal ply are not good to put under the co2 laser. That restriction isn’t necessary for the CNC. Make sure to follow the material restrictions on the tool page, but for wood, either find scraps or you can purchase planed timber from a local timber supplier.

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