Sourcing flexible wood for large monkey sculpture

Hi all,

I made this sculpture for Pete the Monkey Festival before covid.

I was thinking of rebuilding it this July but this time using some flexible wood slats, something like this

This may be poplar but not sure, does anyone know where I could source this?


I haven’t got anything useful to add, but wow that monkey sculpture is awesome!

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Those strips look like separate layers that make up plywood. You’d use them to lay up eg. custom curved plywood structures for furniture. But I can’t figure out how to google for that without being shown loads of results for regular plywood sheets.

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Hey Clem, I was thinking you could look into flooring, but that wouldn’t work because of the T&G, but your best bet would just be a 1-2mm veneer. There are plenty results on Google, depends on what species you want to use and the cost. Alternatively, you buy a standard sheet and create the veneers yourself.

Perhaps someone here has experience buying veneers.

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If you google flexible or bendy plywoo, that’s Emma to get the best results

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Thanks guys for the ideas