Sources for unwanted paint

Anyone know where I can source unwanted paints? I heard you try as hoc asking and taking what’s left at council recycling centres…are other schemes/websites?

I’ve tried Freecycle but it’s infrequently posted

I think this places are supposed to recicle them in a legally trackable way, they are not allowed to give them away anymore

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When I was at southwark recycling center, they had tons of unwanted paint, lots of time in mint condition. From what I saw, you can drive in and just go help yourself. When I was there, I brought linseed oil and wood weather treatment back to the space! Almost new!

they are not? ahh. I was there last year…

You are not supposed to be able to do that, recycling center are highly regulated to avoid people to get rid of waste illegaly and get the money from the government/companies.

What paint are you after? There’s a load at my parents I need to get rid of along with some other stuff.


Any for wood or metal would be ideal , interior or exterior

Masonry , emulsion …depends on shades and quantities.

Southwark recycling centre on old Kent road has a big pile of paints which anyone can take. Or at least they did when I was there earlier this year (pre-covid - maybe February?) It’s mostly house paint but there might be other stuff.

I’m not sure if they’re open right now - you might want to check. Technically you need to be resident in Southwark to dispose of stuff there. I’m not sure if they’d have the same requirement for taking paint - maybe just turn up and ask?


To add - here’s a link with more details.